Saturday, December 21, 2013

Urban Lacquer Glittery + Bright 2013 glitter topper, an unsurpassed beauty for all seasons!

***press sample***

Holy COW - I promised you a stellar glitter bomb and Brenda from the crazy good Urban Lacquer did not disappoint! Feast your eyes on this insane glitter:

indoor macro goodness under OttLite
I think this color would blow your mind with a holographic red underneath but I chose a readily available mass market brand so you too can achieve this look with little hassle.

Here are the steps I took & then on to the pictures!
1. Sally Hansen Double Duty base & top coat used for base
2. 2 coats Orly Red Flare
3. 2 coats Urban Lacquer Glittery + Bright 2013 (my absolute, hands down favorite)
4. 1 coat Gelous
5. 1 coat HKG top coat for that amazing glass shine
Urban Lacquer's description: "A sparkling combination of red, pink, gold, and iridescent glitter, with a smattering of light purple glitter (to keep things interesting!), in a clear base." Let me stress the IRRIDESCENT because that is what makes this polish dazzle beyond words. I'm so thrilled with this color! And IMHO, there is some holographic glitter too - look at the rainbow effect. To know me is to get me & my holo love affair ☼

indoors under OttLite
macro attack!
oh yeah, one more macro attack
bottle shot
bottle shot
Now hurry on over there because I can honestly say, and I've said it before, these polishes give Lynnderella a run for her money. And this one will go quickly!

Application was a breeze. No fishing for glitter, the base was thick and packed with goodies in every swipe. I have exhausted my superlatives. RUN!
Please take a moment to look at the other beautiful Urban Lacquer polishes reviewed on my blog on December 3rd, Chimney-Burn-with-Lit-Up Like the Tree. They are mesmerizing. I want to thank Brenda for her generosity and to let her know she is one classy dame with a creative hand at color combining ♥ Happy polishing, dolls ☼
***press sample***

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