Tuesday, November 5, 2013

1st post redux Yellow Stopper pop off Lynnderella When the Moon Was a Star glitter bomb jelly sandwich

I heard the call of the fabulous Jen at xoxojen to recreate our first ever blog post. My oh my how things have changed. I am almost exclusively into holographic finishes so to revisit glittah bombs was a hoot!

This is a pic heavy post with a step by step pictorial of how to build my favorite glitter bomb polish that POPS OFF in 2 days tops. This is great if you do not want to use the acetone, cotton square & foil method. I cannot stress to you the importance of not tugging at your nails. They will pop off on their own but you can cajole them if there is no resistance. Be careful.

So here we go:

1. Start with 2 coats of American Classics Yellow Stopper Top Coat (sallybeauty). Incidentally, this is my go to lazy day manicure. No one sees in macro mode so this looks like a French manicure without the fuss. If you want to do the quickie French mani, these are the steps so they don't pop off: base coat of your choosing, 2 coats of Yellow Stopper, one coat of favorite top coat (HKG for me). Done!

Yellow Stopper (2 coats)
Yellow Stopper (2 coats)

2. Base of jelly sandwich is one coat of Cirque Colors Tibetan Nights

Cirque Colors Tibetan Nights (1st coat)
Lynnderella When the Moon Was a Star
4. Now add another coat of Tibetan Nights
Cirque Colors Tibetan Nights (2nd coat)
5. Top it all off with the glitter friendly, depth & gloss producing best-ever top coat made by Glisten & Glow named Hong Kong Girl (or other iterations of the same product under slightly different names)
2 coats HKG top coat
Some pics of the finished product:
indoors under an OttLite
And now for the fun part - this sandwich will literally POP OFF in a day or two. Amazing! No clean up whatsoever.
And the old pic - no laughter allowed - well, if you must ☼ 

I hope you enjoyed the redux of the very first post I made. Check out Jen's blog for the most comprehensive list of Indie Nail Polishes. You will be gob smacked at the selection: xoxojen
I'd love to hear from you. And please join my blog. It's always a pleasure to meet new people and follow them in return. Happy polishing ☼


  1. Yay! You joined up in the inlinkz! Don't forget to grab the code and paste it into your post.
    Also, I think your older photo is just as pretty! ;)

    1. Thanks as always Jen. You motivated me to DO IT ☼
      Let me try to grab that inlinkz. It's been a while. I may need to message you ;)

  2. No laughing coming from me. Your first pic is great. And I love the combination of polishes used. I've never had polish pop off my nails before. is it the yellow stopper that makes it happen? If so I need to run out and get some ASAP for my glitter polishes.

    1. Thanks ☼ Yes, the Yellow Stopper will pop off your nails. Use 2 coats & be prepared to go hunting for a nail when it goes flying off. You can then GENTLY ply the others off IF they want to come off. Please be careful. I don't want you to rip your nails or micro tear them. Good luck!

    2. Thanks for that tip! I avoid the glitters sometimes because thee removal is a PITA. I'll have to give this a try =)

  3. I am adding this lynn to my want list!!! wow!!!