Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dance Legend Cosmic Rainbow New Prism holographic nail polish

Yet another holographic nail polish. I must be happily stuck in a holo-holding-pattern ☼

This purple grape beauty is from the professional Russian nail polish brand Dance Legend. Cosmic Rainbow (#10) New Prism holographic nail polish is chock full of prismatic goodness with shots of blue, grape, pink and various other rainbow colors.

Indoors it is a vibrant grape purple that shows more beautifully than most holographic polishes. As you holo lovers know, most tend to be quite dull indoors. Not this one. It definitely broadcasts what is about to happen once you hit the sun.

The best part - this manicure required only ONE coat for this much saturation! Can you believe it?

The formula is quite thick, applies easily and did not bubble or leave "bald" spots. I would prefer a thinner application brush as I have a narrow nail base so it was difficult to coerce the polish as closely to my cuticles as I prefer. Other than the wider brush, no complaints. ONE coat! Let's just keep that in mind. Too many companies require 2-3 coats or worse yet, an under/base color. I like my natural nails to appear thin, not built up with many layers of polish.

Ninja Polish


Dance Legend

indoors under OttLite

 outdoors with camera A
outdoors with camera A

outdoors with camera B

outdoors with camera B


  1. Oooooh, purple holo and gorgeous pics!

  2. Gorgeous!! I love dance legend!

    1. It is stupendously holo but I've learned to use a ridge filler before using it again. I like to look at older pics to see what needs improvement. Thanks for joining my blog ☼