Saturday, May 18, 2013

Nerd Lacquer Cyance Friction

I have decided to add my guest post to my own blog because I haven't been keeping up with my entries and a few of my gracious followers have asked me why I haven't posted in a month or so. I am giving my nails a chance to recoup. I like to do this every few months while I pursue my other passions. Thanks so much for your kind words of encouragement and I promise to post new manis soon. I hope you are all having a great Spring/Summer ☼

Please read the previous post to see the full guest post & visit lisasnailobsession

Today's entry features Nerd Lacquer's Cyance Friction.

I am sure you have heard that the incomparable Nerd Lacquer is back in business. The shopping experience was stressful and exhilarating! All polishes in the first sale were out of stock within 3 minutes and apparently there were 900+ bottles listed and an oversell of 500+ for a total of 1400+ bottles. I think it's safe to say, Nerd Lacquer is one of the most popular indie brands on the market.

This is one of my favorite colors - Cyance Friction - which is part of her Nerd Crush series. She has many creative series and names that are all sci-fi influenced. This color is a brilliant cyan-teal with pink shimmer and turquoise and copper glitter. The color cyan may be used as a name for any color in the range between blue and green. This is a vibrant color full of POW that really comes alive in direct sunlight but is equally beautiful indoors. I photographed this manicure under different lighting conditions so you can see the glory that is Cyance Friction.

The formula glides easily, requires only two thin coats for full coverage and lasts for many days with no chipping. Although this polish is packed with glitter, it needs no top coat for smoothness. I did use Hong Kong Girl top coat for shine because the polish is a more muted finish than I prefer.

I hope you enjoy the photographs and good luck with your NL hunting ☼


Glisten & Glow (Hong Kong Girl top coat)





  1. This is stunning, and your nails look beautiful.

    1. Thank you Jammies. You are such a great source of encouragement ☼