Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Butter London Jack the Lad

Featured is a fantastic gift from my friend Jammies at Baubles & Bubbles. Can you believe she would part with this incredible color?? She knows my love of green polish and is so thoughtful. I am grateful to her for my very first Butter London nail polish, Jack the Lad.  Official description: opaque, moss green shimmer with gold, turquoise and green microglitter.

I have applied 2 coats of Jack the Lad. Application was a dream. The polish is very complex and multifaceted. I particularly love the turquoise accents in the deep mossy green base. Gorgeous.

The pictures were taken indoors under an OttLite. Enjoy.

Butter London



  1. This polish belongs with you, it looks so amazing on your nails!

  2. so sparkly! i have yet to invest in some butter london!


    1. It is quite sparkly. This color is polarizing - you either love it on your skin tone or you dislike it. I happen to love this gift and the formula was very easy to apply. Good luck with your first BL purchase ☼