Sunday, September 30, 2012

Elevation Polish Everest

I'm back from a three week nail polish break. I had mixed feelings about going bare. Every time I looked at my purposefully extremely short au naturale nails, I cringed. I experienced polish envy when I saw someone with nicely polished nails. I was almost embarrassed to go bare and so short. I didn't even start polishing my nails until June of this year! I discovered that beautiful nail polish is a joy to behold every time you look at your hands. I surprised myself.

My nails are feeling healthy and ready for beautification!

Please enjoy Everest by Elevation Polish. This formula glides and fills beautifully. I applied 3 coats for a more saturated look. The brown base with fine holographic shimmer dances in the sunlight but is appropriate for everyday wear. I wanted to ease back into polish-land and this color worked it's magic. I'm smitten.

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